ShutterCo is a Family owned & operated business dedicated to providing the highest quality Plantation Style Shutters & interior design fittings with over 10 years experience.

What Makes ShutterCo Different?

Unlike other Plantation Shutter companies; we have an established, physical showroom showcasing our Shutter collection. Located in the heart of Monkstown village in County Dublin, our gallery features a collection of our Shutters in place. We invite you to come and visit us, where you can physically see and explore the range of options we offer. Different louvre sizes, frame types and styling options are all on display. We will be on hand to go through the merits of the different options available to you.


The ShutterCo Family. (L-R: Brendan, Sarah & Barry Rice)

The ShutterCo Family. (L-R: Brendan, Sarah & Barry Rice)

Family Owned & operated since 2005

ShutterCo is the owned & operated by the Rice family of Dublin, and has been since 2005. Over the years, we have developed a vast knowledge of plantation style shutters; from knowing about each and every different style of shutter to having a keen awareness as to what style suits what type of house. Quite frankly, we live and breathe shutters in the Rice household and this is something which comes across to our clients when they deal with us. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide them with the answers and options they need.

Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice is the primary contact for the business.  When we started in Shutters back in 2005 from our premises in Ashbourne, County Meath, Sarah visited the United States for research and training in the business of plantation style shutters. In addition to her extensive knowledge of Shutters, Sarah studied 'Display Design' in DIT, and subsequently designed displays for 'A-Wear'.  Sarah has an excellent eye for aesthetics and regularly offers free in-home consultations. To request a home visit by Sarah, please Contact Us.

Café Style Plantation Shutters over a Kitchen Sink

Café Style Plantation Shutters over a Kitchen Sink

The ShutterCo Service

Before you get started with Plantation Shutters, we understand that you may have a lot of questions about material, style & price, to name but a few topics. Fear not, we are with you every step of the way. If you have any questions about our shutters, (or Shutters in general!), please just ask us. We'd love to hear from you. If you want an estimate, you can send us some rough measurements, and we'll supply you with an approximate quotation.

If you prefer, We offer a free no-obligation in-home consultation, whereby Sarah will call to see you, show you samples and offer design advice and offer quotations. Please call the office on (01) 835 9555 if you would like to book a free consultation.

Once you are happy to proceed, we undertake a full survey of your windows. Each shutter is custom made for you and we measure using state of the art laser measuring devices for guaranteed accuracy.

We install plantation shutters nationwide and our fitters are tidy, efficient and friendly.
Installation generally takes 30-45 minutes per window.


Gallery of Plantation Style Shutters in Bathrooms