Shutter Design & Styles

we offer a wide range of plantation shutters to suit everybody’s needs.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters are great for tall windows. The best way to describe these Shutters is; Shutters on top of Shutters. An advantage of Tier on Tier Shutters over Venetian Window Blinds is that the top shutters can be open allowing light and air to enter, while the bottom shutters remain closed protecting your privacy.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters can be made to fit all Windows sizes and the divider position and Shutter style is entirely up to the customer. Visit the ShutterCo Gallery for more!

Shaped Shutters

Because architecture is not confined to straight lines and right angles; neither are our Plantation Shutters. By choosing from our Special Shaped Shutter range, you expose your interior design to a whole new range of options and ideas.

Each window in your home will be made to measure exact to your specifications, ensuring a personal finish is applied every time.

Our Plantation Shutters Ireland design team will measure your window, opening or door perfectly and deliver the information directly to our main supplier here in Ireland. No shape is too difficult to fabricate, which enhances the option of selecting shutters for today’s advanced architectural designs. Please note that because of the nature of unique shapes, production and delivery times will be longer than a Classic Plantation Shutter.

Divider Rails

Divider Rail Shutters are a very popular option for home owners today. The style of these Divider Rail Shutters is similar to our Tier on Tier Design, but they are single, full length Window Shutters. The number, size and style of your shutters divider rail are entirely up to you. See some of our previous projects which have included Divider Rail Shutters.

Café Style

The design of the Café Style Shutter dates back to 19th Century Vienna. These Interior Shutters have stood the test of time and proven to be exceedingly popular in homes and café's.

Café Style Shutters can create a traditionally continental feel in a room. While maintaining a degree of privacy, Café Style Shutters will allow natural light to fill the room. Particularly popular in Kitchens; Café Style Shutters can be used in conjunction with simple roller Window Blinds to provide full privacy if required.

French Doors & Room Dividers

Want a great Covering for your French Door, but don’t want to use window blinds? Shutters are the ideal designers’ choice. An entire glass area can be covered with Stylish Shutters, made to your very own design requirements.

If the handle of your French Door seems like a problem, not to worry; our professional carpenters will ensure these challenges are met and remedied before your shutters reach your home. Because we are the Only Manufacturer in Ireland, we tackle these challenges head on we can have your finished product at your door, ready to be installed within two weeks; far faster than our Plantation Shutters Ireland closest competitors. A French Door with a shutter application creates absolute privacy and light control. Additionally, it does not require the removal or replacement of the door handle. As well as French doors, Shutters work great in archways between rooms.

Bi-Folding Shutters

Bi-fold Window Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other concertina style.

The Shutters can be free hanging or used with a track, which helps to guide and support the panels. Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door.



Painted Finishes

Whether you prefer the classic whites & creams, or if you prefer to be a little more adventurous with your colour palatte, ShutterCo have the answer.  Choose from our standard colour range or choose you own colour.

Wood Stains

If you prefer the charm of a stained window shutter to the classic painted version, we supply shutters in a range of five wood finishes.